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During this Masterclass you will learn...
How to recognize a discriminatory hostile work environment versus a hostile toxic work environment and steps or combatting both
How to effectively document a discriminatory hostile work environment
When and to whom you should  report a discriminatory hostile work environment and how to effectively communicate your concerns to Human Resources 
How to transition your report of a discriminatory hostile work environment into a request for a negotiated separation with severance in a manner most likely to result in a successful exit with 💰💰💰💰 in hand
 Who is this Masterclass for? 
You believe you are working in a Discriminatory Hostile Work Environment
You are ready to take action and get out of your discriminatory hostile work environment
You have started documenting but you are not sure of how to use the documentation you have OR
You have not documented anything but you are ready to start
You have gone to HR and they have been non-responsive
You have not gone to HR for fear of retaliation
You want to leave your workplace but you want them to pay you 💰 💰 💰
 Hey I’m Anne Marie Archer, The AntiHR™ HR Lady. 
I am a recovering attorney and Operations & Human Resources Executive. I created an employee focused HR consulting practice to even the employment playing field.

I was once where you are right now. I spent over 20 years in the nonprofit sector directing, managing and overseeing Human Resources dealing with one workplace hostile to my presence after another.

After successfully negotiating my way out of several discriminatory hostile workplaces I now teaches others how to do the same. 

 Testimonial Statements from Former Clients 
 What is the key thing you learned about yourself during this process? 
Phew! This question made my eyes water a bit. The key thing is that my power is limitless.
My power can be wielded from wherever I choose. Knowledge, integrity, ability, or intuition. YET, I have the ultimate choice to exercise or transact my gifts and powers when and how I desire. I'm not bound to one job or career path, group, or place.

There are layers to this, but I'll leave it there. Also, Anne Marie exposed me to another texture of what womanhood and self-care can look and feel like. I wouldn't say tough, I'd say it's direct and logical and intersects the most popular self-pleasure/protection manifesto that is promoted mostly.

~~~ CW, San Diego, CA, USA

I learned that before working with HR, it is important to consult with an advisor or perform research into the HR issues involved. I also learned to keep track of all encounters shared with my direct manager and other pertinent situations.

~~~ MH, Lakeland, FL USA

 Did anything surprise you about working with  Anne Marie/The AntiHR™, HR Lady? 
The thing that surprised me about working with Anne Marie was her swift entry into my mental landscape, empathy towards my experience, and the ability to translate high-level legal philosophy so that I can understand and execute in my favor.

~~~ WC, Brooklyn, NY, USA

 How did  Anne Marie/The AntiHR™, HR Lady demonstrate that she understood your problem?
She is so experienced with patterns and behaviors in such environments that she was able to fill in gaps accurately, and lay out the various possibilities ahead. She was able to define the problem, uncover fault lines, and confirm my feelings and thoughts with firmness and facts.

~~~ KP, Manhattan, NY, USA
I’m ready to Learn How to Exit my
Discriminatory Hostile Work Environment

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